Hello, I am Somin!

I am a CS Ph.D. candidate in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University, advised by Byron Wallace and Silvio Amir.

My (nascent) research interests lie broadly in understanding and communicating vast amounts of complex data encoded in text. Towards that end, I combine methods from natural language processing and information extraction to enable effective data analysis and communication. I am especially interested in data present in the vast biomedical literature and in the digital civics domain.

Previously, I spent some time in the beautiful hometown of Emily Dickinson, working with Hamed Zamani and Narges Mahyar at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.









other random musings...

In my spare time, I enjoy outdoors short hikes, bagpacking and camping), baking (with a recent interest in sourdough), travelling, and snuggling dogs (seriously, send me pictures of your pets). I'm also a mediocre runner.

I also enjoy exploring deep, long-term issues arising from socio-economic policies, law, and generally connecting people & ideas from related fields. Always happy to chat with interesting folks over coffee .

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

wadhwa.s [AT] northeastern.edu

Curriculum Vitae (CV)